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Measure the hours where you’re actually getting stuff done.

The first step to improving productivity is measuring how productive you currently are,
so you have a benchmark which you can then focus on improving.

Find out how much time you waste.

The average person wastes more than 38% of their time whilst working,
according to a survey of 38,000 workers by Microsoft.

Enhance your concentration whilst working

Focusalot tracks the time you work, and makes you focus on one task at a time.
Think of it like an examination. In an examination you are more focused because
you are under the pressure of being timed, and focusing solely on the examination topic.

Keep yourself accountable to your goals.

Share your goals and progress with your friends and ask them to keep you on track.
Have competitions with your friends to see who works the most hours each week.
Encourage or shame your friends based on their progress.

Set yourself punishments like, if I don’t wake up and start working at 9:15am,
I can set Focusalot to post to my Facebook: “I am being lazy and sleeping in”.
Or if I don’t work 35hours a week, notify my friends that I will be shouting drinks on Friday.
Or donate $100 to the Ku Klux Klan if I don’t practice Mandarin for 5 hours this week.

How it works

Plan out your week's tasks and work schedule on a calendar

As your working a time tracker on your desktop tracks the time you spend each task.
Simply select a task press start and start working, and press break when you stop working.

After you've finished working, you can view reports of how long you've worked,
verses how you initially planned to work, and track how you've progressed

You can choose to share your goals and schedule with your friends,
and set punishments for yourself if you don't accomplish your work goals

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